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Advantages of Curaprox

Little girl cleans her teeth with her father in bathroom. Brushing your teeth helps your overall health

Your smile is one of the first traits people see when you enter a room.

To keep it shining bright, it’s essential to take good care of your teeth and gums. The first step is investing in the right products. Curaprox® provides top-quality dental health and hygiene goods. Since 1972, this Swiss company has been a favorite among dentists throughout the world. The dental team at Stonegate Meadows Dentistry in Parker, CO, share a few benefits of these oral care products.

3 Advantages of Curaprox

1. Protect Teeth

When you brush, you want soft bristles that don’t damage enamel but still clear away debris. Curaprox brushes have extra-fine filaments—just 0.1 mm in diameter—offering gentle yet efficient cleaning. They also offer special models for kids, with even smaller filaments of 0.08 mm. In addition to regular brushes, they have slim “singles” which can reach tough spots, like around crooked teeth or braces.

2. Freshen Breath

One major culprit of bad breath is failure to clear away bits of food between teeth, breeding smelly bacteria. Curaprox has a state-of-the-art solution with their super fleecy flosses, featuring threaders at both ends for easy use. Their DF 845 floss is so soft that it’s even recommended for use with braces, dental implants, and crowns.

3. Whiten Smiles

If you want a brighter smile, Curaprox offers a state-of-the-art solution that combines aesthetics and dental health. Their specialty whitening toothpaste uses activated carbon to combat discoloration and brighten teeth without the abrasion of bleaching—something many dentists advise against.

When it comes to oral health care products, always consult your dentist for assistance before starting a new routine. For advice in Parker, look to Stonegate Meadows Dentistry. Our team provides cutting-edge dental care services. To request an appointment, call (303) 766-1915.

Professional Teeth Cleanings

Maintain Your Smile with Teeth Cleaning!

The happy, healthy mouth feeling you get after a good teeth cleaning is invaluable. Visiting a dental professional at least twice a year is an important part of your oral hygiene regimen. Professional teeth cleaning removes the tartar you just can’t get to at home, and regular exams will ensure your teeth and mouth are in good health.

Oral Health

Proper home care is the first step in maintaining oral health – brushing, flossing, drinking plenty of water. Professional cleanings every six months, or more frequently depending on the need will help with the deeper cleaning and oral health. These visits, referred to as “dental prophylaxis”, are performed by a board certified dental hygienist whose training specializes in keeping patients maintained in optimum oral health. Our dental hygienist carefully removes plaque and calculus (tartar) from those hard to reach areas and teaches and encourages proper preventive home care techniques.

Visits at least every six months helps to insure that gum health (Periodontal) is maintained. During these visits, Dr. Neal also performs an exam of the entire mouth to insure that oral health is properly maintained

During preventative exams, our professionals look for tooth decay and gum disease so that they can be diagnosed before they advance to a worsened state.

Professional dental cleanings (dental prophylaxis) are usually performed by Registered Dental Hygienists.

Your cleaning appointment will include a dental exam and the following:

  • Removal of calculus (tartar): Calculus is hardened plaque that has been left on the tooth for some time and is now firmly attached to the tooth surface.  Calculus forms above and below the gum line and can only be removed with special dental instruments.
  • Removal of plaque: Plaque is a sticky, almost invisible film that forms on the teeth.  It is a growing colony of living bacteria, food debris, and saliva.  The bacteria produce toxins (poisons) that inflame the gums.  This inflammation is the start of periodontal disease!
  • Teeth polishing: Remove stain and plaque that is not otherwise removed during tooth brushing and scaling.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Cheri Neal for your next teeth cleaning or preventative exams as needed. Simply contact us by calling our office at 303.766.1915 or use the form to your right to schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Cheri Neal.

Dental Exams

Benefits of Regular Tooth and Mouth Care

A comprehensive dental exam by your dentist takes place at your initial dental visit.  Regular check-up exams with your dentist and hygienist will include the following:

  • Examination of diagnostic x-rays: Essential for detection of decay, tumors, cysts, and bone loss.  X-rays also help determine tooth and root positions.
  • Oral cancer screening: Check the face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, tissues, and gums for any signs of oral cancer.
  • Gum disease evaluation: Check the gums and bone around the teeth for any signs of periodontal disease.
  • Look for tooth decay: All tooth surfaces are checked for decay with special dental instruments.
  • Examine condition of existing dental work: Check current fillings, crowns, etc.


Schedule your appointment on the form to your right to find out more about Dental Exams and  how the team at Stonegate Meadows Dentistry can help keep your mouth healthy or call Dr. Cheri Neal today at 303-766-1915

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