First Dental Visit

New Patients – Your first dental visit

For your first appointment with Stonegate Meadows Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, here’s what we would like you bring to your first visit:

1. Bring Your dental insurance information.

If you do not have an insurance card, we will need the following information about your plan:

  • Name and birth date of the insurance subscriber
  • ID number for the Subscriber
  • Employer which the the insurance is handled

2. Bring current x-rays, if available

Taken by your previous dentist, please bring a copy or request that they be emailed to our office.
Our email address is

What To Expect at your First Appointment

As a new patient, you can expect the finest dental care and services available and you will be guided throughout your appointment by our experienced and caring team.

Dr. Neal will take a few minutes to get to know you. Then she will review the medical/dental history provided in your forms that you submitted right from our website.

  • We will start with the necessary X-rays
  • Inspect and chart any existing dentistry
  • Perform an intra-oral and extra-oral cancer exam
  • Check and chart the pocket depths and bleeding points at 6 spots around every tooth
  • Review your X-Rays and chart any necessary treatment

dental-history-imageDr. Neal will then put together a personalized treatment plan based on the findings, recommendations and discussions.

You will be scheduled with our hygienist for personalized care of your teeth and gums.

Patient Info Form    Dental/Medical History Form

FAQ’s    See Our Office

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