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happy-healthy-life-take-care-of-teethIf you want to increase your odds of a happy, healthy life, taking care of your teeth and gums means your body will be better able to take care of itself.

Your mouth is key to the rest of your body.

Chronic oral infection or disease means your entire body can be affected. The bacteria causing oral infection can potentially affect every tissue and organ in your body. Your body takes resources needed to support your general health will be diverted to handle chronic infection.  Therefore, oral issues weaken the immune protection your other organs and systems naturally enjoy.

Your healthy teeth and mouth deserve consistent attention.
Your overall health depends on proper care.
Let us help you keep your mouth healthy.

Modern research connects periodontal (gum) infection and heart attack, stroke, diabetes, respiratory disease, problem pregnancies and osteoperosis. Some studies even indicate that people who lose all their natural teeth statistically have a much shorter life span.

To find out more about  preventative or cosmetic dentistry, please choose from the links below.

Fillings Porcelain Crowns Inlays & Onlays Implant Dentistry Porcelain Veneers  Bridges Full  Dentures Partial Dentures Gold Crowns Gum Therapy & Periodontal Cleanings

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Dental Care is our Passion. The Stonegate Meadows Dentistry team
can help keep your mouth healthy
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