Partial Dentures

partial-denturesWhen you are missing several teeth but not all of them, removable partial dentures are one option for replacing them.

The best way to replace multiple teeth is with dental implants. But not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, and they are also more expensive. Removable partial dentures do an adequate job of restoring your appearance and function.

The traditional partial is made on a metal framework, with metal clasps. This makes a relatively strong and secure teeth replacement.

The metal clasps, which are required to retain the denture, can cause some embarrassment if they are visible. They also attract plaque, so keeping your teeth clean requires extra effort.

Newer materials can provide a more esthetic result. Here is an example of a flexible Valplast partial denture. The clasps can be made pink to match the gums, or translucent. Thus, they will blend in with the teeth and be much less conspicuous.

They still have the disadvantage, though, of complicating your efforts to keep your teeth clean.

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