Learn about endodontics

The term endodontics has been derived from the Greek words “endo” which means inside and “onos” which implies tooth. When combined together, these two terms imply the study of the dental pulp or the internal part of the tooth. Endodontics professionals are acquainted with a number of ailments involving the dental pulp which is actually the innermost component of the tooth.

The enamel is responsible for safeguarding the dental pulp along with the dentin which is positioned behind the enamel. It helps to protect the pulp from getting infected by the microbes existing within our mouth.

In the event of tooth decay, the outer covering is going to become eroded so as to form cavities or holes exposing the pulp to the microbes plus cold and hot temperatures. The pulp is abundant with blood vessels and nerves, and therefore, its infection can result in toothache and sensitivity.

An endodontist is actually an expert that specializes in the treatment of the pulp tissues present inside the teeth of the patient. In medical terms, the endodontists help in preserving a portion or the entire dental pulp in case the tooth is quite healthy or they will get rid of the pulp in case it becomes infected.


Benefits of endodontic treatment

  1. It is simple and pain-free

The endodontic treatment is a quite simple as well as pain-free procedure that will involve only a couple of appointments. As compared to tooth extraction, the patients like to go for the pain-free alternative of a root canal for resolving the tooth which has become infected. However, it depends on the discretion of the dentist following the prognosis.

  1. Helps to maintain jaw structure

Once you end up losing a tooth, your jaw is not going to receive adequate stimulation in that particular area that results in the loss of bone and tooth. Endodontic treatment will help to keep the natural tooth in position and will preserve the natural curvature and shape of your face and jaw.

  1. Is effective and safe

Endodontic treatment of the tooth is being performed as an effective means of treatment by dentists over the years. These dental professionals are specialists when it comes to endodontics and they work very hard for getting rid of any pulp which has been infected. The tooth is also sealed properly so as to minimize any possibility of further infection. The Brooklyn dentist aids in preventing the loss of tooth and the tooth is removed in a clean, safe, as well as supportive environment.


Who is it for?

It is a fact that most individuals are scared of visiting the dental clinic and like to stay in their own residences until the pain becomes unbearable for them. However, this will not be advisable whatsoever. In case any person has injured his teeth in any mishap or while playing any sporting activities, he must make it a point to visit the dentist without making any delay at all.

Moreover, if the tooth of any person becomes sensitive to hot, cold, or acidic food items and beverages, they should also visit the endodontist. It is possible that their enamel has become eroded which has resulted in the exposure of the nerve endings of the tooth.

Thirdly, it is also imperative for any person to go for endodontic treatment in case he observes any inflammation around his teeth, face, or gums. This swelling might be an indication of an infection.